GMS Hardware

GMS has developed several hardware lines to accommodate any drummer’s needs. From our heavy-duty G3000 double-braced stands to our GBop lightweight, flat-based stands, GMS has you covered.


Features – Double-braced legs, Super Tilter boom stand for infinite adjustment, Adjustable spring tension hi-hat with swivel legs.

  • G3000 Stands all
  • G3000B Boom Top
  • G3000B Boom
  • G3000DT Double Tom Stand
  • G3000HH Hi Hat
  • G3000S Snare Stand



Features – Double chain-driven cam, Adjustable beater angle, Adjustable footboard height, Reversible beater w/ adjustable counterweight, Pedal stabilizer plate, Non-abrasive, adjustable, easy-access hoop clamp, Allen key w/holster.


Features – Double chain-driven cams, Adjustable beater angles, Adjustable footboard heights, Reversible beaters w/ adjustable counterweights, Pedal stabilizer plates, Non-abrasive, adjustable, easy-access hoop clamp Allen Key w/ Hoslter.

  • G3000P
  • Double Pedal Bag
  • G3000 Double Pedal complete
  • G3000 Double Pedal
  • G3000 Hoop Protector


Features – Single-braced, flat-based legs, Lightweight hardware for easy packing and transport, Single-braced hi-hat legs.

  • Flat Base Boom Open
  • Flat Base Boom.Straight
  • Flat Base Snare
  • Flat Based Stands
  • Single Brace Hi Hat

GMS Drum Key